How ODOO ERP Solutions Are Changing Businesses for Better

There is no rejecting that Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a centerpiece of the present trendy organizations. When discussing ERP Solution, one of the terms that strikes a chord is Odoo.

Abbreviation for On-Demand Open Object, Odoo ERP programming is perhaps the most mainstream ERP arrangement accessible today. Because of its wide assortment of modules, adjustable, versatile, and easy-to-use components, and accessibility of thousands of modules, Odoo stays the favored selection of associations.

This biggest selling programming comprehends the significance of ceaseless improvement, which makes it even more appealing. It accompanies new upgrades each year. The most recent form is the Odoo ERP 14. Understanding its highlights will empower you to settle on the right decision for your business. It will likewise help you gauge the time and exertion needed in executing Odoo ERP programming.

In this article, we will take you through a portion of the new upgrades and highlights of Odoo 14.

Odoo Version 14 Features

Make New

One of the increases to the new form of Odoo ERP is the ‘make new’ include. Regardless of whether you’re executing Odoo fabricating module or a CRM module, when you make another passage for an item, contact, client, and so forth this component happens. For example, on the off chance that you are adding another item, you will see a drop-down menu with alternatives of ‘make’ and ‘make and alter’ as you type in the words.

Novel Elements in Sales

From client information to the salesman capable, Odoo ERP smoothes out deals from various perspectives for organizations. The new form accompanies a few highlights that further work on the effectiveness of the interaction. This incorporates:

Next Activity: The tab shows the subsequent stage or moves to be made in the business pipe. By just survey the assignment, agents can make a move to attach the cycle. This element of Odoo ERP programming likewise empowers simple following, critical thinking, and better client assistance.

Value List Generation: Another usefulness permits clients to create value records from the item area itself. You can discover the alternative under the ‘activity tab.

Enhancements in Purchase

The most recent variant of Odoo ERP programming additionally carries adequacy to the buy interaction. Like in the business module, it permits you to follow the ‘following movement’ to revive the cycle. What’s more, you can likewise assess execution through the Key Performance Indicator on singular client dashboards.

Increments to Manufacturing

Carrying out Odoo producing module is helpful to numerous associations. Presently, Odoo 14 acquires imaginative highlights to help associations raise their usefulness.

In Odoo 14, you can name the situation with your assembling request (MO) to follow progress. Administrators or Supervisors can likewise bolt amounts by choosing the choice while making a MO to decrease mistakes in item checks. It likewise permits you to alter the phases of activities and run the scheduler (in the arranging menu) on the work request dashboard, carrying proficiency to the general interaction.

Cleaning of Data

Perhaps the greatest issue in ERP execution is the duplication of information. The most current form of Odoo ERP programming resolves the issue by presenting the information cleaning module. This module clears any copy data to guarantee there’s decreased information repetition. Incredible help for huge associations or those trying to scale!

Refinements in the Website Module

Regardless of whether you need to show site traffic or address data in straightforward diagrams, the most recent Odoo ERP programming has everything. The bit highlight ranges across different capacities, allowing you to fabricate an easy-to-use, engaging site. What are these scraps?


Presently you can coordinate and present piles of subjective and quantitative information in a graph arrangement of your decision. Utilize vertical or flat visual diagrams, line graphs, pie outlines, doughnuts, or a radar outline to address data.

Step Snippet

Odoo 14 accompanies bits to characterize the means associated with a cycle. For instance the internet shopping cycle or installment measure.


This gadget in the site module is valuable as it grandstands various occasions. It permits you to see and oversee deals, web traffic, and so forth

Item Catalog

Odoo 14 presents an item index bit. With this, you can tailor existing formats to suit your particular business needs.

Auto Pop

By empowering this component you can give your clients fast admittance to running advancements and offers on your site.

Similarly, there are a few different scraps like the timetable, number, workmanship, item list, and so forth accessible to assist you with fostering a natural, simple to-explore site.

In Conclusion

While this was a substance of a portion of the significant changes, Odoo ERP programming has substantially more to bring to the table. Odoo specialists at Control ERP can take you through them all exhaustively and help you execute them to permit you to receive the rewards of development and effectiveness.

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