Financial Audit

Business organizations deal in finances as it is an essential part of it. To increase business productivity, it is vital to keep track of all the transactions. This is necessary to make more money.

For this reason, a financial audit is highly significant for the success of the business. However, several organizations around the globe are successful because they all understand the significance of it. But, for the companies, it is essential to keep everything ready for audit.

In the UAE, the importance of VAT for business owners is not able to ignore. Therefore, every business owner needs to maintain his financial record. The VAT in UAE has compelled all the organizations to prepare their comprehensive audits. The government needs their Audited Financial Statement as per the new law.

Data required for the audit

You need to access your business’s financial information and prepare a few things previous to the external financial audit. You can save it in your computer system as well as maintain it in the files. The entire record must be logical and genuine. If the documents are saved in the electronic format, these are excellent to increase the organization’s reputation.

  • The requirement for the External financial Audit documents
  • Payroll and contracts record of the workers
  • Deposit books, invoices, and bank statements
  • Updated inventory list (optional)
  • Capital assets sub-ledger (optional)
  • Contracts for rental equipment, third party agreements, and lease
  • On-site access to the bookkeeper
  • Legal correspondence and invoices
  • Documentation of internal control

How to prepare for your financial audit?

It is not simple for a business owner who has no accounts knowledge and easy to get Audited Financial Statement from your auditors. For this purpose, you need to hire an expert service that can manage the entire task. The other option that you can choose is to train your staff for VAT audit and tax. Some of the tips to prepare a financial audit are here.

Plan ahead of time

The first factor in staying prepared for financial audit and monitoring is to make some comprehensive plans. As a business owner, you need to consider some primary functions of your organization.

It would help if you took the start of your accounts to work from appropriate bookkeeping. Record maintenance is highly essential for the business owners because it helps you in further accounting procedures. If you do not have an accurate record at the initial stage, it will be a big mess for you during the business’s auditing.

Make inquiries and ask questions.

Suppose you have already appointed an accountant in your office. In that case, it is an excellent option to keep an eye on the financial record. Monitor the business data, expenses, and income prepared by your accountant.

As an owner, you must have access to the record at any time and check every single entry. It should not be missed because any missing transaction can create further confusion. It would help if you asked about transactions and business entries.

It is vital to know the importance of the transparency of the financial assets. It is easy to maintain without asking a question about the confusing entries in the datasheet.

Paperwork must be accurate.

The first important thing is to manage financial assets timely. The other is to ensure the accuracy of all collected data for the financial records keeping. During the first audit, there is a wide variety of documents and papers are prepared. A business owner needs to keep a check on the accuracy of the business record.

Keep a check on the accounting standards.

If you want to complete the financial audit process quickly, then you should follow the rules and regulations. It will impact your business financial accounting. You must monitor the record during the preparation process as well as follow the modern standards. It allows for better asset management through innovative techniques and strategies.

Implement effective techniques

You need to choose different practices to ensure accurate management of the accounts. However, it is vital to look for reliable methods to be used for your new business.


Companies manage their accounts system to get a clear picture of all the business’s prospects and resources. It is incomplete without managing comprehensive documentation of all their financial affairs. For the business owners, it is necessary to be ready for the 1st financial audit. It will save them from the hassle and other serious issues.

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