attendance management system

The benefits of Attendance Management System

  • Contact-free attendance
  • The choice to utilize App/QR/BLE/Face Recognition
  • Fit to Work from Home circumstance also
  • Amazingly practical, as no equipment is involved
  • Ongoing warnings and reports to the Admin on cell phone
  • Leave Management on the application itself
  • The geo-fencing administrator has the adaptability to characterize the range
  • Incorporates consistently with your HRMS
  • A lovely encounter for the representatives
  • Limitless limit as the force of the cloud is saddled
  • Assuming an association needs, the system can handle access also
  • The system can likewise be moved up to multifaceted verification or to different interfaces for checking attendance

In today’s advanced existence where most associations are carefully empowered, with a considerable lot of them having a powerful work from home system, a refined stage for attendance management is a key need. In addition to the fact that it is needed for keeping up with permeability on worker developments, yet can likewise improve on consistency. Various nations/states chase after changing administrative mandates working hours, pay, and leave/downtime. An advanced attendance management system makes it simple to monitor these subtleties, making the review interaction a lot simpler.

A Contact-less Attendance Management system mustn’t fundamentally be a computerized device. Paper registers, time tickers, finger biometric systems, and Excel-based bookkeeping pages are a portion of the heritage models of attendance management. However, with innovation advancing at the lightning rate and organizations seeing enormous, disseminated labor forces, the instruments to record attendance should keep pace. Attendance Management does that and more. Plus, it’s simple to incorporate Attendance Management System with any Human Resource Management System so the applicable attendance information is taken care of into the HRMS continuously.

Odoo ERP is cloud-based attendance management and consequently, offers the advantages of adaptability, cost advancement, and straightforward entry across gadgets and stages. A cloud-based attendance management system is broadly open from any gadget. This additionally infers a program reconciliation which implies the system can likewise be given something to do even where introducing an application is a test. Likewise, Odoo portable stage helps support the usefulness of field laborers and far-off representatives, as it empowers continuous catching of Time and Attendance from any area.

Another game-changing element of the Odoo Touch Free Attendance Management system is that it isn’t subject to any equipment. Workers at this point don’t have to time in at the workplace entryway all things being equal, they can sit at their work areas (on-premise or at home or in a distant area) and sign in utilizing their Odoo App.

Odoo gives you different decisions on the best way to utilize its computerized stage for attendance management. You can pick the App-based system, wherein the representatives simply press a button on their Odoo App to stamp attendance. As the representative presses the button, her geo-area is naturally caught and reflects in the Attendance Report progressively. You may likewise pick attendance by Face Recognition, wherein the Odoo App on representatives telephone peruses the substance of the worker in live mode to check attendance and catch geo-area. On the other hand, the workplace might have a tablet introduced to peruse the essence of the representatives as they enter and leave the workplace.

Odoo Touchless Attendance management is fueled with the cutting-edge investigation and offers constant perceived ability into attendance designs, featuring the individuals who oftentimes put in extra time or separate from planned hours. Practices like these can be noted, put on a watchlist, and redressed, maintaining ideal efficiency levels in the workplace.

Odoo Touchless Attendance Management system is especially valuable in the post-COVID-19 world. Its touchless interface is sterile and is far better than the heritage finger-biometrics empowered systems. It likewise implies no forthright charges and no use on equipment. As most associations will be sharp at being cost-proficient now, Odoo Attendance Management on the SaaS model can help in moderating money.

Taking on Odoo advanced Attendance Management can change how you deal with your labor force. The elements and functionalities incorporated into the stage are vital to your representative’s regular work process and Odoo forestalls blunders that can prompt month-end bothers and consistency challenges.

With the savvy use of Odoo, your sans touch attendance management could be a wonderful encounter both for your organization and for your representatives transforming a once complicated cycle into a simple to-screen and clear action.

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